It’s a cliche statement but guess what ‘ We also want to make the world a better place to live in’. It’s a two way traffic between school and society .Society influences school curriculum and methodology and what not. The school is a mirror of society. At the same time, it  is true too that society is or should be  influenced by the school. We ,as a school want to be a responsible school, which understands its importance & duties towards the society.

As Christa McAuliffe has said,

                                                   ‘ I touch the future , I teach.’

We want to shape the future of our society as a whole. With the help of our students, parents and teachers we want to be a role model. We wish to give all the keys to students, which can open all the locks in their lives. We want to create impeccable individuals, who are not just knowledgeable and proactive leaders but also intuitive and emphatic to the needs of other. We believe that the world poses new problems to be solved everyday  and calls for professionals . who can offer superior services to the society. Our students must be capable enough to add value to the community and the world. At Scholars Unified, our vision is to provide world class education to empower students with a holistic ,rigorous and international education for success in an ever changing world. We want to provide stability and security to the teachers as teachers are the  nation builders. So, we will take all possible measures to bring and retain a good team of teachers. We want to serve the community by giving qualitative and affordable education. We will weave our activities & daily routine around our vision, so that, in the coming years, we are able to realize it. Till then we will KEEP WALKING .…