Scholars Unified School is situated at Arniala, Tehsil & Distt. Una. It was established in April 2019 by a team of experienced teachers. The school got an excellent response from the beloved parents of Una. Nearly 300 students were enrolled in the very first year. Scholars Unified is thankful to all the parents for trusting us. Scholars Unified is growing day by day. Keeping this in mind the school infrastructure will be doubled by the end of this academic session. We once again thank all the generous donors for helping the school in our first step.

As we know the journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. Step one is to establish the school and get affiliated to CBSE.  To acquire the land and build the infrastructure required by CBSE, was not easy for our team, but many teachers mortgaged their gold jewellery, parents and family helped, an ancestral  home was sold to fulfil the dream. ‘Scholars Unified’, the name itself indicates that this school is established by the scholars/teachers, coming together under  a single roof. So, step one is important but we have a long way to go,as:

                                                  Coming together is the beginning.

                                                   Keeping together is progress.

                                                    Working together is success.

We have bowed in every Temple, Gurudwara, Daragah and Church and now we need your blessing (Yes, the one reading this)

The school is situated in a peaceful area SCHOLARS UNIFIED serves nearly 300 students from KG to VIII from both rural and urban areas. The school is housed in a newly constructed building. All the rooms are airy and well lighted with natural light. The school has a beautiful garden in front. It has separate entry and exit gates. It provides a barrier free entry into the school building. There is a multipurpose hall on the ground floor.  A big library enriched with wonderful books( which includes the books recommended by CBSE)  from all fields is located on the first floor. A well equipped science and mathematics lab is also located on the first floor. All rooms, library and laboratories are strictly constructed and maintained as per CBSE norms.

The school has taken special care to save a big area for the playground. The built up area was planned in such a way that we are able to cut aside a rectangular ground and extra space for various courts such as basketball and



Badminton. Apart from infrastructure, school takes good care to keep its students fit and healthy. Students are motivated to eat healthy food. There is a fruit break also.

We want to give innovative teaching principles to the schools all over the world. The teachers are given freedom to execute and develop their ideas .Our biggest challenge is to make the parents believe that there is life beyond marks too. For this regular seminars are organized in school. Various activities are organized in the school. For this school has adopted the house system which helps them to inculcate the values of co-operation and sportsmanship.

We wish our students to be good human beings. They should be kind to all forms of life. They should love India and this feeling should come from within. They should be proud of their heritage, culture and traditions. They have to be global citizens and respect all the religions and cultures. They should be quite good at their mother tongue, Hindi and English. Our students are involved in many community service projects and awareness campaigns. To start with, we have adopted the Village Arniala, where the school is located.